Back on the Plains, DIY Beef Jerky

So my wife and I are getting ready for our trip to Portland for christmas. We are forsaking our families in the name of peace and adventure and are heading northwest. On our last trip I remembered that back in 8th grade I used to make venison jerky before family road trips. I enjoyed eating it to pass the time and keep from thinking about food. I resolved to resurrect the tradition for my next trip.

Come a week ago, I remembered my resolution and got excited about the mini diy project ahead of me. Yesterday at wholefoods I picked up a small roast, sliced it up last night and sprinkled it with garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt and soy sauce. I let it marinade overnight and today slid the slices onto bamboo skewers. It’s now in the oven aromatizing the apartment. Here’s the simple process. Give this a try if you’ve never. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Its a lot easier than you might think. Post your experience and ideas here. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Enjoy the semi self reliance and spirit of yore.

Homemade Jerky Recipe

  1. Slice beef or venison into thin 1″ wide x 7″ long strips
  2. Sprinkle with seasonings of your choice
    garlic powder
    cayenne pepper
    black pepper
    soy or teriyaki sauce
  3. Marinating is optional. Skewer slices onto steel or bamboo shish kabob skewers.
  4. Set oven to around 200°F and hang the meat through the oven grating on the top rack.
  5. Leave meat to dry for around 6 hours, more or less depending on thickness. Should be firm.

Caution: May give you gas of a similar smell to the jerky. Hence, I will definitely be playing this one by ear, or nose, on the plane.


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