Current Obsession: Discus

So my current obsession is the King of the Aquarium: Discus Fish. I am obsessed with these fish. I don’t exactly know why. I never got them before. They were barely on my radar. But a couple of years ago I came across the Aquarium Design Group (ADG) online portfolio of aquariums. I was surprised by the number of aquariums that had Discus in them.Fast forward to last spring. I decided my cardinal obsession was growing and it was time to move up from a 25 gallon tank to a 50 gallon tank where I would be able to have 30+ cardinal tetras schooling. In order for them to school, I needed to have some bigger fish in the tank, and got to thinking Discus might just work for what I needed.

I craigslisted for an aesthetic tank, found a nice Aluminum trimmed contemporary tank 8 hours  away. Made the drive and got my new tank. I knew nothing about discus, ordered some books on amazon and started googling. This past fall I picked up a pair of discus from a local guy looking to sell his.

The funny thing about discus is that they are round like a discus and super thin. When happy they kind of just hang out suspended in the tank almost like a piece of art work. They are a schooling fish so they like to be in groups of 6 or more. Less than that and they fight. So my pair didn’t work out too well. The big one constantly harassed the little one, biting sores into his side. I sold them to a local hobbyist who had a school of discus and I am about to start my own school. This weekend I will be picking up 7, 2.5″ baby discus and with care and a little luck, will raise them to be 7″.

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