Louisiana Satsumas to Satsumacello

So I was killing some time back in September driving around greater New Orleans  while I was waiting for my wife to get out of a conference. While in the car, Louisiana Eats, a local NPR show, was sharing a recipe for satsuma lemoncello. Interestingly, for people around the country who eat tangerines and clementines, satsumas are all the rage in Louisiana. They vary from green, to yellow, to orange, are super super easy to peel, have few seeds, and are awesome sweet. I thought the DIY satsumacello recipe would be a lot of fun to try.

My wife could not be persuaded beyond waiting for me in the car while I picked some satsumas to add to the ones our roommate picked up at the local grocery store. We zested them, added it to the vodka, let it sit for a few weeks, and hope to soon get around to making the simple syrup. Anyway it was fun. If you ever run across one, definitely give it a try. Your life will begin and you might even feel the need to buy the shirt.


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