Pure Hot Cacao, I am a God

I deemed this winter the winter of hot chocolate. Winters ago I tried a type of hot chocolate in Spain that was so thick and dark it reminded me of chocolate pudding. I didn’t think too much of it. Maybe wondered a little where it had been all my life. Didn’t think about it again.

Thinking about the Maya and how chocolate was precious, reserved for royalty, and often drunk made, me think they might have been on to something. Having the resources for royalty potentially at my fingertips I went looking for some pure cocoa power. I am a big ingredients reader and follow the KISS principal so I was determined to find pure cocoa, nothing processed with alkali. Wikipedia confirmed my suspicion, processing cacao with alkali destroys the beneficial flavonoids in chocolate.

Anyway  I found a can of pure Ghirardelli cocoa baking powder. I super heat up some milk, add a ton of cocoa powder and stir like crazy until I have a thick royal chocolate drink that can only be good for me. Thank you Maya Lords. I think I know know why I found what I found in Spain. Tragic history. It all comes full circle.

Maya vase image courtesy of and copyrighted Justin Kerr.  


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