Collard Green Fajita Wrap

So my wife an I were at wholefoods Saturday night where there was a little placard listing the 10 healthiest greens and recommended ways to prepare them. For collard greens they suggested using them as instead of tortillas for wraps or burritos. It was on. We got some organic collard greens, a small grass-fed round steak, and an avocado for later in the week.

It turned out fantastic. Revolutionary. The greens made the whole fajita burrito feel light, fresh, healthy, and if I may, even sexy.  Props to this idea.

The way I did it was to cook both sides of the steak in a frying pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. While the center was still medium rare I took it out, sliced it thin, then diced the steak.

I cleaned the pan out and sauteed an onion, bell pepper, and a couple of mushrooms with a little red pepper, cumin, and paprika. I threw the collard greens in a correll serving bowl, covered it with a plate, and steamed them in the microwave for three minutes.

Once done. I laid out a collard green leaf on a plate, added some sauteed vegetables, the nicely diced steak, garnished with avocado and sour cream, looked down, looked up a second later when the burrito was gone, and my world had changed. Enjoy.


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