And then it is Panther Chameleons. Plus Super Effective Craigslist Search Technique.

So its quite remarkable the types of animals I’m drawn to. Aesthetic, obscure, and easily stressed. I don’t know why the stressed part. Perhaps so I have to earn it.

I’m to the point with discus that I pretty much get it. I still have a lot to learn but I pretty much get it. Water changes, water changes, did I mention water changes. Not that that setup is going, its not taking up much of my mental energy. Kind of dangerous. This weekend I knew I was in a good place with the discus because I got to thinking and craigslisting and my mind zeroed in on panther chameleons, an old obsession going back to early high school.

Panther chameleons are one of the larger chameleon species native to Madagascar and  come in many color variations associated with their geographic origins on the island. I haven’t had any in the past because they eat an incredible amount of insects and need a stable, warm climate. The last couple years we’ve been living at a turn of the century shotgun house out in the Louisiana country. Cold, cold, cold in the winter, heated by propane wall-burners and drafty through the walls and floor.

Anyway they are back on my radar. I search craigslist nationwide to see what babies hobbyists have recently hatched and what adults being re-homed. Definitely use my nationwide search strategy if you are looking for something that there is little chance of finding on your local craigslist and your not willing to pay full price for. It works like this:

1. Go to google.

2. Type in the item your looking for.

3. Then type

4. Press enter.

5. Then narrow your search on the left side to the past month, and enjoy.

My search looked like:  panther chameleon  I came across some awesome Nosy Be Panther Chameleons. They are definitely my favorite. They are a Smurf Blue, sometimes with some white or green stripes. Only the males get super colorful. Like discus, it takes them a couple years to get their colors and are an ugly brown when young. And the adventure continues…

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