Cardinal Tetras USPS and into Quarantine

My New Cardinal Tetras in Quarantine

So I am a Cardinal Tetraphile. I love these little fish. So beautiful, regal, sacred. Though you wouldn’t know from the above picture. These are about as good as it gets in the world of fish.

Three years ago we moved to Louisiana, and to orient myself my new locale I checked-out every pet and fish store, zoo, and aquarium in the area. The pinnacle was a little reef store operated by a salt-water enthusiast who also had angels and cardinals as a testament to his origins in the hobby. I’d never seen cardinals before. I was hooked, fascinated and in love. They are said to be a very sensitive fish but I read up on them–even finding an early book published on their breeding and husbandry–and have since found them quite easy to keep.

My $.99 Copy of Cardinal Tetras

For the past three years I’ve keep and groomed an incredible herd of cardinals, until I tragically started loosing them to local fracking contaminating our ground (my aquarium) water. We hauled ass to move over a weekend to get to cleaner air and water.  Now a few months out I am working to rebuild my cardinals.

I ordered a dozen Florida-raised larges from my little reef store but they came in smaller and paler than the beauties I’d received though them before. Hopefully I will grow them out and they will color up. They are in my 24 home cardiff aquarium.

Full-Grown Cardinal Tetras

I then impatiently ordered 30 wild cardinals from the Houston Aquarium Warehouse. They shipped two-day USPS for $12. I’ve bought them before in person from them and they worked out wonderfully, plus the owners are more than accommodating and eager to please.

These cardinals are in quarantine and are shortly headed for the discus tank. Though it may be ideal to grow out discus by themselves, I want them to be used to cardinals so I can safely house them together when the discus are full grown without worrying about the discus eating the cardinals. They came in pale but should color up over the next couple days. I’ll baby them until they are strong and vibrant and then add them to the discus tank. Keep checkin’ in.

3 thoughts on “Cardinal Tetras USPS and into Quarantine

    • Cool thank you so much. Aren’t they amazing, amazing fish! I thought it was neat we were both bursting with cardinal excitement at the same time. I fear my aren’t going to get as red as I’d like. Hopefully some TLC, brine shrimp, and quality pellets will get them there.

      • I bought 4 initially because that’s all they had, and one was dead the very next morning. The remaining three are doing great but their color is not too bright yet. I probably should get some Oak leaves and give them a blackwater environment. I hope to add another 5 or so because three is not company when it comes to schooling fish.


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