Hot Tails, A Little Piece of the French Quarter Blown out to the Louisiana Cane Fields

Hot Tails, New Roads, Louisiana Best Restaurant this Side of New Awlins

So a couple weeks ago I heard some colleagues talking about a restaurant with a certain tone of excitement and satisfaction I’d rarely heard before. I knew it’d be good. Failsafe for sure. People might mention a place they’d been or might recommend one, but for them to discuss it as insiders…I needed to be on the inside.

I asked the name. Repeated it to be sure. Asked for directions, clarified the directions and planned our going. We went a couple of weeks ago. I heard their burgers were cajun and delicious. It pained me, but I passed up the seafood muffuletta, the blackened redfish, and went for the crawfish topped burger. It was delicious as promised. Large, juicy, with a seafood spin. My favorite.

Tonight we went back with our roommate and I thought I’d try the rabbit. I’m a huge rabbit fan and have never had it not homemade. For some reason, I imagined it’d be pan fried in olive oil. Instead it was served deep fried, juicy, tender, and in abundance. Definitely a worthwhile adventure. I spoke briefly with one of the chefs, who chuckled at me taking a picture of the menu, and asked about the rabbit. I complemented him, and mentioned I’d love them to make a rabbit stew. He said they do as a special and that its really good. Note taken.

The little things can make a place awesome. Three things that make this one, the best little restaurant this side of New Awlins are:

  1. the chefs are young, own the place, and wear the fancy chef aprons.
  2. the food is served on aesthetic, simple cypress planks.
  3. you order at the counter so tipping is an optional added expense.

Definitely, find your way out to Pointe Coupee and check out this little piece of the French Quarter blown out to the Louisiana cane fields. Their crawfish boils are supposed to be the best, pray this isn’t the last we’ll hear about Hot Tails.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Tails, A Little Piece of the French Quarter Blown out to the Louisiana Cane Fields

  1. Hot Tails is the only restaurant that really has Boiled Louisiana Crawfish in New Roads and the Crawfish are delicious. I have a business in New Roads and I hear a lot of people talk about how much they enjoyed the food at Hot Tails Crawfish House on Hospital Road. Not to mention the great service and the beautiful smiles you will recieve from both owners Cody Carroll and Sam Neal.

    • I have heard amazing things about their crawfish. We are hoping to make it over there as the season gets going with a couple friends from out in Walker. The owners are real sweet. I hope they keep pushing their culinary skills in new directions. Thanks so much for sharing what you’ve heard.

  2. We have been going to Hot Tails since they opened and are HUGH fans. My favorite is the Crab Crossiant sandwich. It’s a little on the spicy side but with a hint of sweetness. The boiled crawfish are excellent! Not salty and seasoned perfectly.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I haven’t had a good croissant in years and definitely look forward to trying it. I also can’t wait to try the crawfish. It’s easy to find them salty but getting them not salty yet well seasoned will be a real treat. I know I’ll be addicted.


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