Cardinal Tetras in Hiding

So yesterday afternoon while I couldn’t help myself but not be the perfect husband, I was acclimating my 30 cardinal tetras I got in from Houston a couple of weeks ago. The cardinals scattered to the four corners of the earth and the discus frighteningly pursued them like angels of death. As it was near dark, I quickly wrapped a blanked around the tank to make the fish go to sleep and hoped for the best.

This morning I added a plastic egg crate divider to give the cardinals a place of reprieve. They’ve ventured out as a school once but are for now quite content to anxiously school in their corner of the tank. Occasionally, a discus will venture over to lick their chops and menacingly peck at the grate.

Hopefully in a few days the disus won’t pay the cardinals any mind and I will have an awesome kick-ass minimalist tank.

4 thoughts on “Cardinal Tetras in Hiding

  1. Good luck with your Cardinals! Maybe you could throw in a few artificial plants and objects to confuse the Discus for awhile and then get back to the minimalist look after they have accepted the Cardinals.

    • Thank for the idea. I was thinking that would definitely be an option, but luckily the cardinals started swimming out from behind their grate the next day and everyone seems to be getting along well without the discus paying them any heed. I gave them a complete water change today and everyone seems pretty good. My next worry is that they are growing too fast and I will need another tank before May. For now I’ll try to keep up with the water changes.

  2. I really need to do more water changes, I put it off and make excuses to myself.
    I need to remember your egg-crate divider. I can think of some situations where I could have used it. I have a piece of it ready to go. I bought it to put on the bottom of a tank for spawning egg-scattering fish.


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