A Cajoled Preliminary Trek ta Tunica Falls

So, today I needed to get out of the house. Lamentably my wife couldn’t join me. She is terribly allergic to live oak and pecan pollen. Certain misery in Louisiana. Had we known the trees would start pollenating in February, we would have hiked the Tunica Hills earlier in the winter.

But today I was desperate to go. I needed to find someone to go with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have much anyone else to go with except our roommate. Fortunately, she came home at two, and I had just enough time to cajole her into going with me.

We made it the twenty five minute drive up Angola Road to Hwy 969 just in time to make it to a couple of the falls before the sun set.

It was neat to see where the water has gently carved into the sandstone and hear it run over the edge. I’m anxious to learn more about the area’s formation, fossils, and the Tunica Tribe who inhabited the area.

The forest was peaceful, looking out from one of the falls. The shades of burnt amber and brown reminded me of a late Illinois fall.

We came across several shell fossils in the creek bed. Unfortunately, I happened to pick this one up and carry it some twenty odd feet before I thought to photograph it.

Aside: The area’s unique topography is supposed to make it home to rare and unique flora and fauna. I’m looking forward investigating this area further but am more than a little concerned for the unfolding effects fo the current unbridled hydraulic fracturing being more than facilitated in the area and less than safely regulated, if safe regulation is possible. As for now, I will chronicle and enjoy.

We saw what we could see before dark and hiked uphill back out. Drove back through old plantation and pasture land, stopping the local gas station/seafood market for our first few pounds of crawfish of the season. Warm, enjoyable memories even in the present.


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