When the Perfect Pizza Implodes

So, since we picked up some fresh mozzarella balls on our trip back to Louisiana, I planned on making a homemade veggie pizza with whole wheat dough. Saturday, I gave it the old college try.

I roasted the peppers in the oven before cooking the pizza so they would be well roasted. The pizza won’t finish before the peppers, leaving the pizza wanting. I was paying attention to the little details that make a homemade pizza a work of art. Added the peppers to the pizza with sliced mushrooms and baked.

I tried to cook it on the metal tray so that it wouldn’t be right on our roommate’s pizza stone since she’s allergic to wheat.

Well, the fresh mozzarella and spaghetti sauce I used, because it was all I had, made it too runny. I tried to slide it onto the pizza stone to cook the crust and evaporate the water in a last minute attempt to salvage it.

It stuck to the pan, however, wouldn’t slide and I ended up folding and cajoling it into a swashy, approximation of a pizza. Still edible, a little doughy, but edible. We went back for seconds, appreciating it for what it was and maybe a little for what it almost was.

Reflecting on the pizza, I can now identify a number of lessons to implement for next time. I’ll brush the crust with olive oil and bake it a little before adding the sauce and topping. I’ll use pizza sauce. Finally, I’ll spread some corn meal or olive oil on the pan so it wouldn’t stick. Sometimes landing so far from perfection is fun and exciting in its own right. Looking back it would be a shame for it to have turned out as I’d envisioned. Enjoy the mishaps, or shall we say, enjoy the haps.


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