A Wicked Mardi Gras Break in Birmingham

So my wife and I hightailed it to Birmingham to see Wicked over our Mardi Gras holiday.  Sorry, New Orleans, Lafayette, Mamou. A proper Mardi Gras will have to wait. Our date was long overdue.

A few years ago we excitedly spoiled the surprise by telling each other early what we got each other for Christmas. I proudly shared I got us Chicago Wicked tickets and she shared she got me a coffee table photo-journal of the documenting the deep sea.

We were so tickled with each other and satisfied with our handiwork, neither of us actually ended up purchasing what we said we were getting each other. We were young and in love so it didn’t really matter but now we have a little more money and I made good on the previous promise. Just four years late, Birmingham in lieu of Chicago, and Mardi Gras not Christmas.

We got in the night of the play and had a good time. My wife’s been singing the songs for years. I don’t really get music but I like it, and because of the last four years hearing the songs woven into our love, the musical meant so much more.

Wednesday we bummed around Homewood and Birmingham and headed back to Baton Rouge in the evening. We walked along the small downtown stretch in Homewood we saw some fun little nicknacky things. I kindof wated to get this Tiffanyesque statue that reminded me of her. But thought the pic would do given the statue’s bulk and our certain transient future.

There was a bowl of quotes where the quote “These are the days that must happen to you” oddly haunted me. I’m not yet sure why, but noted it.

On our way over to the Jazz Hall of Fame and Civil Rights Museum we stumbled upon The Purple Onion where we had a unbelievably gigantic stuffed potato and nice crispy pita sandwich.

Enjoyed a beautiful little sunset to close our time and settle us into the long night’s drive home. And a beautiful close to a Wicked tuesday-wednesday.


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