Water’s a Little Cloudy, But the Discus are Growing

So my discus are growing. Crazy fast for only having had them for two months yet terribly slow for watching them hours a day. I just can’t wait for them to become perfect, round saucers. But the persistent nagging worry is that they won’t. I’ll have almost discus and then where will I be.

I think I’m at the stage with the big one where the face is a little more pointed and the eyes seem a little too big, right before out of nowhere they finish growing out and fill out to their iconic full roundness. But again he may not, so the suspense continues.

I have two red turquoise that are really starting to get their color. the red is coming in nice. Though the color’s ever-changing, overall a couple seem to promise future grandeur.

On a little side note, I got sick of the discus occasionally picking off a cardinal tetra and eating ’em, so I took the whole group of cardinals out. They can enjoy a peaceful existence in their own planted tank and the discus will once again have their own. Sad day for the hope of the perfect aesthetics of an amazing school of cardinals schooling through and around the suspended discus. At least until I can emotionally and financially handle the requisite cardinal losses.

4 thoughts on “Water’s a Little Cloudy, But the Discus are Growing

    • Thanks. We are going to be moving back to Illinois in June. Right now I’m trying to decide if I should try to bring them all the way back up with us in our car or if I need to find them a home down here. I need to post some new pictures. Two of them are getting really pretty. How’s your lion coming along?

      • You need to make a wrong turn on your way to Illinois and give them to someone in Iowa.
        The Lionfish acts normal, I have drastically reduced his food quantity so he is very hungry when it’s feeding time.


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