Couchsurf Atlanta

So I was down in Atlanta for a conference a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t pass the chance to see the Georgia Aquarium for the second time. I enjoyed it solo last year while my wife was attending a writing conference in Decatur. I was just getting into discus at the time and got to see an amazing planted aquarium with discus, rummynose, and cardinal tetras. It was fuel to the fire. It was fun to go back. Last time I knew a little about discus and this time I’ve learned about ’em and have a few. So that was nice.

I highly recommend finding your way down to the Georgia Aquarium at some point. They have a six million gallon aquarium with four whale sharks and four manta rays that you can sit and watch through a hundred foot long, thirty foot high, two foot thick, viewing window. It is absolutely incredible and quite zen.

A little ethical cloud weighs on the experience, though. The whale sharks were captured from the wild and based on precedent they may be expected to live under twenty years in captivity, likely far short of their ocean-roaming counterparts. They’re fed krill instead of their ocean diet of plankton, to what effect is unknown. Perhaps, the hope is a glimpse of the grandeur of the ocean will serve as a bulwark for conservation.

My work partially covered the cost of my conference so I thought I’d only finally decide to go for sure, if I could find someone local to stay with in Atlanta to partially offset the cost of the trip. I asked an amazing lady if she’d be willing to host me, and she was, so I was off.

I had my own room, with my own cute little bathroom, with a little view, in the cutest modern loft, with a breezy view of downtown from the balcony. I hope to apply some of the lessons from the life’s experience of my soon-to-be-retiring baby-boomer host. It seems the progression of having kids and needing to provide for them can take you down a course you hadn’t set out for. Damn money.

I asked if we could go to an Atlanta gem. We did. We went to locally known pizza-nazi place. They’re amazing but I guess they can be a little rigid. Wood fired ovens, quality, and a communal atmosphere. Try it out, Antico Pizza at 1093 Hemphill Ave.

My last night I wanted to flex a little home cooking muscle and express my gratitude to my host so I ran over to a nearby Trader Joe’s and grabbed some supplies for a Thai Green Curry. Always read your ingredients, the number two ingredient for a jar of the red curry sauce was soybean oil, so I went with simple healthy green curry. It turned out good, we watched In Bruges with Collin Farrell. A movie I’ll have to watch again with my wife.

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