Easter in the French Quarter

So we intended to make it out to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival and tour the Abita Brewery last Saturday before making it down to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival. Well, we were still so tired from running all over Cajun country that we ended up taking Saturday easy in Baton Rouge and made it down to New Orleans on Easter and stayed through Monday.

We grabbed a bite on Jackson Square at a little europeanesque cafe, reminiscent of one in Paris or along Avenida Santa Fe or Corrientes in Buenos Aires, I’d been hoping to enjoy for the aumbiance since I’d first seen it a few years ago. We had the Korean BBQ, Oyster, and Club Stanley Po’Boy sampler. The first two fell short of our hopes but the Stanley more than made up for it. We will be back and go straight for the Stanley.

It just happened to be Easter, but it was amazing. People were out and happy. I got the dates wrong and we were a weekend early for the French Quarter Festival. But it turned out well. We saw a side of the French Quarter we’d never seen before. So many musicians were out performing in the streets it was amazing.

Previously my wife had usually dreaded going to New Orleans. Hesitant to to visit and eager to leave. I’d be captivated by the architecture, food and people. So our visits had been more for me than her. She, however, has a weakness for music and this time she saw the music and the music and the music and all the other music lovers and she was entranced.

I enjoyed most a little pick-up cajun group out of Lafayette, Louisiana. I was surprised to learn one was from France, one from Puerto Rico, and the other somewhere else I didn’t catch. I’d have never known they weren’t from the cajun triangle. They were good. My wife really enjoyed the trumpet player in the jazz band. Easter on Royal was such a treat. One we’ll be crossing our fingers to replicate soon.


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