The Best Muffaletta in New Orleans

So I’d have thought a city brimming with people who eat, sleep, and breathe food would have every last little corner scoured ten times over, leaving nothing new, much-less magnificent, to be discovered.

Well, let me do my little part put THE BEST muffaletta in New Orleans on the map. I’m saying it right here and now: Majoria’s Commerce Restaurant in the Central Business District has THE BEST muffaletta in NOLA. If I get a smudge of the credit for their amazingness, so be it. Such crosses I am prepared to carry.

Commerce is THE place for Muffalettas. For that matter, it is THE place for any standard New Orleans fare, minus the pomp and circumstance. Great red beans, great po’boys, wonderful salads, gumbo, breakfasts, everything. Plus, your guaranteed to be surrounded by locals. Come ready for the camaraderie of the working class and ready to pay cash.

In New Orleans, you have to find a good muffaletta sandwich. A New Orleans muffaletta is generally a gigantic sandwich that can feed three or four people sold by the quarter, half, or whole. It’s made outta thinly sliced genoa salami, ham, mortadella and provolone cheese, and the make-it-or-break-it olive mix. The ironic thing about New Orleans is that most muffalettas are terribly underwhemlming, if not downright bad, and most places known for their muffalettas, don’t make a good muffaletta. Luckily, there is Commerce. Despite their great everything, go for the muffaletta. You won’t regret it.

At Commerce, it’s a single person 5″ sandwich served warm and delicious. The sweet potato fries are awesome and can vary from thinly cut with a delicatessen flaky flour breading to the pictured, straight-cut fry with a solid center. Anyway they come, they’ll be good. Everything will be good.

So, make your way out to the corner of Camp and Gravier for hands-down THE BEST muffaletta in NOLA.

Technical note: muffulettas seem to be normally spelt with a “u” but it varies and in Louisiana they seem to be said with an “a” so that’s what I went with.
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4 thoughts on “The Best Muffaletta in New Orleans

    • Thanks, when my father came down to visit us in Louisiana we stayed in the quarter and got up early to walk over to Mother’s for breakfast. The sun was coming up, the city was cleaning off the streets, and the last few people were stumbling out of the bars. My dad had heard about Mother’s on the radio, so we asked a few passers by and eventually made our way over. We ended up splitting a shrimp and crawfish omelette. It seemed a little pricy, but good. I’d like to eat my way every which way across Louisiana. Maybe one of these days:)


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