Stendker Discus Now

So it’s May. I’ve had the discus since January when I got them at a little over two and a half inches each, except for the larger single fish I’d already had for a couple months. My fish are a domestic strain of discus bred by Hahnz Stendker out of Germany.  They are getting bigger and starting to show some color. They’re fun to watch but it’s easy to see that this isn’t what most expect in a fish tank. Not everyone can overcome the bare tank.

It may also be a little surprising but discus enthusiasts exist around the world obsessing, breeding, and showing these fish. Just like dog shows, they groom their specimens and pioneer new breeds.

Now the goal of many a serious discus keeper is to help their very sensitive fish grow out to the fish’s full potential. A nice adult discus should be nearly completely round as opposed to spade shaped. The face shouldn’t come to a point and the distance from the top of the head through the eye to the bottom of the head should equal seven and a half times the height of the eye itself. If the eye appears too big or small in proportion to the fish, it is again subpar.

This is nerve racking in slow motion. Discus don’t round out for a year and a half to two years. In the meantime your worried you’ll have an ace of spades and not a frisbee. I’m in the middle of month four which make them over six months old and a potential year and a half to go to see if I end up with nice shaped, colored, and well proportioned discus.

So far I’m pretty happy. They are growing. Fast. And although it is supposed to take them up to two years to get their full adult coloring, they are beginning to color up pretty nice also. The reds are still a little orange in the red turquoise discus and the blue is still a little orange in the blue snakeskin but they are coming along. They are about four and a half inches now. Three and a half or four more to go. If I’m lucky.

2 thoughts on “Stendker Discus Now

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