We Concurred on a Blackmouth Cur

So my wife and I have been looking for the right dog since we met. Getting a dog represents more than it should for us as we’ve had our ‘the right dog’ moments not work out in the past. Us not having a dog symbolized so much about the economy and our seemingly slow motion progress toward realizing our dreams in adulthood. We were starting to get a little paranoid. We can get married but we can’t get great jobs, we aren’t ready for kids, and crap, we can’t even have a dog.

Now that we’re at a crossroads again we’ve made the decision to force our fate in a new direction. We’re committing to a dog first and are trusting the rest to work itself out.

We’ve been looking for the right dog and were thinking everything from a boxer to a havaneese to an australian shepherd mix, but are confident we found it in a 40lb blackmouth cur. She’s a year old and super-sweet. Happy to flip her belly to a complete stranger. From what we’ve been told and can tell, she loves to play, loves children and other dogs, is smart, and doesn’t shed a whole lot. She’s watches everything, is goofy, and surprising.

Other dogs were playing, she got really excited, jumped up on her hind legs–effectively hugging me. I didn’t quite share her excitement and was puzzled by her action. I was entertained in spite of myself. I take it, she may have a little boxer in her.

I find her droopy jowls, gentle nature, and the way she melts into you when you pet her, reminiscent of both a female boxer and a manatee. We will enjoy some boxer in a smaller, blackmouth cur package. And I must mention, she’s got a beautiful coat and an even more beautiful snout.

So she won us over. We met her last weekend and committed to taking her today. We’ll visit her at her foster home on Wednesday and then officially pick her up for our move back to Illinois right after Memorial Day weekend. We’re excited. Our feelings of frustration are over. We are making progress. We have a mile marker. We have our blackmouth. We met our right dog and this one we’re not losing. No regrets. We’ll be taking care of her, as I’m sure, she will us.

Update: In a sad for us turn of events, we weren’t able to adopt her because my wife’s asthma and allergies reacted terribly. She would have been the perfect dog for us in every other way. Her foster mom is incredible and will definitely find her a great home.



10 thoughts on “We Concurred on a Blackmouth Cur

  1. Now that is a beautifully written post. What a lucky dog. I have come to the conclusion that most, not some, but MOST dogs are not truly loved, they are just “there”. I say this post is Freshly Pressed even if WordPress hasn’t noticed.

  2. I hope when someone asks you what breed she is you answer, “Boxer-Manatee mix”, with a straight face. That line is too good to use only once.
    Yes, I am anxious to get back on the river with her once the water levels come down for the summer.

    • Thank you so much. In a heartbreaking turn of events, it turned out we weren’t able to adopt her because my wife’s asthma and allergies reacted so strongly to her during visits to her foster home. She is the perfect dog. We are disappointed, but know her foster mom is amazing and will find her the right home.

  3. What a beautiful dog! My husband and I are so torn right now because we would love a dog but we are spending a lot of time in the national parks, which are not pet-friendly. What to do, what to do?

    • It’s terrible. Dogs are so intuitive and empathetic. It’s a shame there isn’t an avenue for responsible pet ownership in the National Parks. When your through with the parks and enjoying the country off the beaten path you’ll find it to be more dog friendly. What breed or mix are you guys considering?

  4. Manatee? That’s funny! Your pics convinced us our boxer is a mix with a black mouth cur, so were very helpful to us. I notice this is 2012 post – hope you have decided to have kids. Have kids before a dog, b/c the dog will really get neglected. You are never ready for kids, you just have to jump in. And they could really learn to write well from you, and lord knows we need better writers in this world.


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