Sometimes Aesthetics Must Yield: A Tale of Two Chairs

So two years ago my wife and I put in a last minute bid on hotwire to get a hotel room in Houston for the weekend. We lucked out and got a great deal on a room in the posh Galleria district. Not usually our style but definitely fun now and again.

Somehow one of us seems to get sick every time we go to Houston. That time I had a stuffed nose, resigned myself to notreally going anywhere or tasting any food. We stayed to the room.

A simple, ingenious lounge chair, however, salvaged the weekend. This beautiful little piece of art just happened to fit my wife and I perfectly, side-by-side. We loved it. We worked next to each other–in that little chair–all weekend.

Upon returning home, I couldn’t get the chair off my mind and called the hotel to see if we could buy one from them or get one where they got it. Long story short, they were special ordered, the hotel chain provided the fabric to the manufacturer, and nope.

So for the last two years, I have been scouting craigslist and furniture stores for a facsimile of my little chair. Craigslist has been surprisingly disgusting and overpriced for furniture. Saturday, I acted on feeling to go to World Market where we hit a 50% off furniture sale without luck. But across the parking lot was furniture store with 5 recliners outside.

It was a sign. We’re living with a crafty little cat, my wife has cat allergies, and the chairs were cheap. We decided it didn’t make sense to spend more for the perfect chair when we’ll be moving soon, and it will get scratched and cat-dandered up.

So for now aesthetics wisely slumped to practicality. We’re quite satisfied with our comfy new chair. But I’m still looking to the day we’ll stay at the Galleria hotel, and they’ll just have to add the chair to our bill.


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