Red Turquoise Discus

So I have my discus. 40 gallons of hope and potential. I wonder whether my Stendker discus grow to be everything that I hope they will be. I’ve been looking over pics and videos of Red Turquoise (Red Turqs) discus fish. Not only can do discus change color and darken their stripes, but also changes in lighting can completely alter their appearance. All this leaves me impotent to divine the future.

Instead I am left to hedge my bets. Perhaps the best examples of Red Turqs I have seen are bred by Alex Piwowarski, a German breeder. His discus have bright, deep red lines and reach near perfect large circle or disc shapes. He is expanding his breeding facility right now and Dan Espinosa with Elite Aquaria, his US distributer, is taking some time off. It almost looked like I was going to be out of luck getting my dream Red Turqs. I just found a breeder on a discus forum that has some of Alex’s pairs and my have some fry available in the next couple of months. Stay tuned. After raising my fish out, I will definitely have some amazing adult Reds for sale.

All images courtesy of and copyright Alex Piwowarski.


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